Business - mobile cafe

Our product is a very perspective and unique idea, because nowadays people are busy and they like to get food, coffee and other beverages very fast. So in this case it  is very flexible cafe, which can offer such service. We recommend you to try this type of business, because it is very popular. 

It can be located in any places such as a town centre, seaside, park or other crowded places. You can easily go from one place to another part time, on weekends, at various festivals and different outdoor events.

You can choose various mini cars, trailers, vans-trucks, bikes, carts and create or develop your own business. For example, if you are thinking about choosing mini cars, we can offer you SMART coffee car, MINI COOPER coffee car, NISAN MICRA coffee car, MERCEDES BENZ coffee car, VW LUPO coffee car. All our products are produced using advices and experience of catering professionals.

We can offer you  a different, individual and alternative  business ideas. You can buy or rent different types of mini cars, trailers, vans-trucks, bikes, carts. TRIKE IDEA is the best decision if you are thinking about creating your own business, because we provide you quality and flexible products.