Magister Stilo MS 70 Steel

2 group semi-automatic coffee machine classical type. Combining stylish design with superior performance and a more than reasonable price make coffee series Stylo very attractive option for cafe projects.  Coffee making facilities are available in the variants of automatic and semi-automatic control. The simplicity and reliability, stylish design, sophisticated arrangement of all internal and external components make the espresso machine is incredibly easy to use as well as maintenance.

Techninės charakteristikos

Automatic control of the water level in the boiler
Capacity of the tank: 11 liters
Valve pair: 1
Water pressure sensor: pressure gauge
Dimensions (WxHxD): 795x535x500 mm
Power: 4500 W
Power supply: 230/400 V
Color: grey, red, bronze,steel
Manufacturer: Magister (Italy)