LEDŲ dviratis

Mobile bike cafe.

The biggest advantage of our products (beside quality) is the mobility. You can change the location of the place without fear and worrying about the electricity or water connections, our products doesn’t require any external energy sources! 

Trading can be carried out in the most favorable places: By the sea, in parks, events, in busy people grouping places, at intersections, subway stations, shopping centers, etc. 

All you need for preparation of food or beverages (for example coffee), can be easily transported from one place to another by bicycle, car or trailer.

All our products are characterized by: 
- Mobility; 
- Quality; 
- Food operators approval certificate; 
- 1 year warranty; 
- Simplicity and safety of the operation; 
- Ability to choose custom design (promotion) or equipment.

A multi-functional, retro design trailer suitable for all kinds of modern trends, food and beverage concepts. Available in 2.5 m, 3.5 m or 4.5 m lengths.   Suitable for all kinds of modern trends, food and beverage concepts such as coffee, fruit juices, cocktails, hot dogs, crêpes and sushi.  It is also great for promotional events, market testing and samplings.


Ledų dviračiai, skirti  ledų prekybai renginiuose, parkuose, šventėse, judriose žmonių susibūrimo vietose,  sankryžose, metro stotelėse, prekybos centruose. Tai unikalaus dizaino ir spredimų gaminys, lengvai transportuojamas į bet kurią vietą, bet kada galite pakeisti lokacijos vietą nebijodami ir nesirūpindami dėl elektros ar vandens, tai visiškai nereikalaujantys išorinių energijos šaltinių projektai! Kavos dviratyje rasite visą inventorių skirtą autonominiam...

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